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Swayamvar was unveiled on February 16 of 2015 backed by deep and collaborative experience, values and passion to bring forth contemporary men’s fashion statement with finest Indian elegance and tradition. Timeless and iconic men’s celebration wear grabbed the center-stage, while the brand rapidly emerged to be a popular occasion wear, from weddings to festivals.

With exclusive expertise in the colossal clothing industry, Swayamvar relentlessly endeavors to unveil newer perception in the world of men’s fashion wear, breaking the stereotype through a fresh interpretation of how couture can be shown in a more liberated light.

Inspired by the frayed superiorities of modern decadence, Swayamvar presents the seamless amalgamation of the Indian tradition and western expression, which results in primarily positioning a trendy Indo-Western menswear, across this region.

Swayamvar strives to apprise men’s attire with innovative constructions, hand-stitched finishing and fluid silhouettes. Take time to visit any one of our stores for an ineffable experience amid a fascinating fashion ambience where a smorgasbord of traditional and contemporary fashion styles for men is showcased, with novel grace and class.

Let’s celebrate together with the symbol of men’s timeless elegance, called Swayamvar.


With a shared vision-mission Swayamvar aims to pose as an expert in men’s celebration wear by fostering a spirit of magnificent merchandizing designs coupled with sales, production and operations.

And to play an integral role in aggregating the undying Indian culture, and brilliantly present the transition into the brand.

Swayamvar has a steadfast vision to unveil at least 100 stores all over the Indian sub-continent, with the passage of time.

The mission remains to push the men’s couture to a global perspective, and to greater heights of cultural and ethnic sensibilities. Additionally, enhance the elegance with newer fashion concepts in wallet-friendly ways, and uphold the tradition by ornamenting men’s fashion forum.


Upholding a confluence of the quintessence of Indian tradition and fleeting modernity, brand may become a distinctive occasion-wear choice for contemporary shoppers. Meticulous blending of phenomenal designs and exquisite free expressions for men, would speak volumes on Swayamvar- expertise, impregnated with a never-ending passion.

The millennial men folk with abundant dreams, ambitions and hopes inspire Swayamvar to emerge with timeless elegance, reinterpreted with trendy accents. Thus far, the brand’s extremely enriching journey is dotted with best expressions of high-end quality, stitch and finish.

Albeit, it is tough to impress the newer genre, Swayamvar is ever ready to evolve with inspiring silhouettes to reach newer fashion avenues and to adorn men’s any-season couture.